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Wedding videography is the grand opportunity to relive a film stunningly of your "years-in-the-planning" time setting love story that you so desire to celebrate with close family and friends. 

At VE Videography,

we know your wedding means everything to you along with everyone in your family and it's our passion to provide you an exceptional film with the utmost care of service from the start and beyond! Whether your heart desires a highlight film or a journalistic movie style, there are so many essential details to relive that you may or may not have imagined as this will be one of the happiest days of your life. So, hiring a professional videography team is a must-have! Just like wedding planners, they and their team emphasize on trust to help your wedding come to life. Our expertise provides a fun, comfortable, and trustworthy experience, capturing the best of everything to inspire and relive for generations!

Let’s face it. The Corona-Virus19 has changed everything about how to plan for your wedding. Obviously, you would love to have your whole family and friends attend your wedding but with “social distancing” and a “50-person limit or less” set in place, I’m sure you’re thinking how can I celebrate my wedding with everyone I love without them attending!? Don’t worry. We have the answer! “Premium Live Streaming Services”. You can still celebrate it with everyone! We offer both Ceremony & Reception Live Streaming via Facebook so no one has to miss anything.

Our films capture the essence of your wedding to relive so rest assured that we will create you a film that everyone will always cherish for generations! The first time your bridesmaids, mother, and possibly grandmother see you dazzling in your wedding dress. Your first look with your father or soon-to-be husband that you'll share the best emotions with of what this day represents. The astonishing elegance that you will remember this being one of the happiest days of your life. The romantic vows that express the essence of your beautiful promises to one another whilst reflecting

your enduring rings, unity, and first kiss as husband & wife that no one will be able to hold back their tears. Your first dance so illuminating that nothing could be more-clear. Listening to your father or mother give a speech so inspirational that you will never want to forget it. Furthermore, a best man and maid/matron of honor speech, possibly comical and embarrassing but yet also inspiring. The dance moves, the cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, and your unforgettable send-off. Yes, your wedding will be stunning, no doubt!

We guarantee you won’t regret reliving your love story!

A cinematic film experience you'll love to have!

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Reliving your love story as a cinematic film is truly a priceless keepsake that we guarantee you won’t regret. It is everything and your “years-in-the-planning” wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life, so relive it to the fullest!

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