At VE Videography, it’s our honor to create you a beautifully cinematic film to celebrate for generations. It’ll be an occasion full of detail and emotions which you’ll desire to relive for the next 20 years and beyond! You’ll laugh, cry, and fall in love again and again as you reminisce your priceless moments that have inspired others and will live on as a family heirloom that we guarantee you won’t regret. 


A cinematic highlight film of your wedding is incredibly powerful! It’s no secret that you’re going to be busy during your wedding day and so many things will be happening at any one given time, but those incredible moments don't have to be missed. While some memories are bound to fade over the years, having a highlight film is a truly priceless benefit and we guarantee you won’t regret getting to relive it year after year. Anniversaries will be even more special when you get to watch your wedding highlight film and reminisce the emotions and love you felt during your special occasion.

Furthermore, the benefits to wedding videography is about more than just a highlight film. You can relive your beautiful occasion to the fullest as a movie experience online! No matter where you go always relive and share your wedding as a movie from the comfort of your phone, tablet, or computer. So when the time comes make an event of it with your family & friends to relive your stunning wedding as this is one movie you’ll never stop reliving for generations!


Another great way to cherish your special occasion is with a beautiful keepsake that captures the essence of your wedding. How cool would it be to have a keepsake, like a movie poster of your wedding, to hang on your wall or a stunning hand-crafted USB box with your last name, wedding date, and engraved picture on the front cover perfect for preserving your films, vow letters, jewelry, and other small wedding memorabilia?! Our keepsakes are high quality and always delivered in a professional manner.



Now that your planning is underway—time to get your guests in the loop by sharing with them a wedding "save-the-date" engagement film. Obviously, you'll be informing everyone either in person or on Facebook/Instagram that you're engaged but wouldn't it be cool to officially announce your wedding date to everyone with an awesome cinematic "save-the-date" film?! You can even use it on your wedding website if you create one. Videography is a must-have when it comes to capturing the most essential memories of your life and your special occasions is everything, so relive them to the fullest!

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