Wedding Videographer Near Me

Here’s What the Best Wedding Videographers Offer

Finding a wedding videographer near me is easy. Finding top wedding videographers who know how to give you the film of a lifetime is a little harder. At VE Videography, we have the expertise to ensure that you get what you truly want.


We’ve gained a reputation for being among the best wedding videographers not only in Chattanooga but all of Tennessee. It’s how we can capture the emotional aspect of a wedding while also being able to make sure that the details of the celebration are caught.


A wedding videographer near me is a major vendor to book once you have a wedding date set. However, you need to look for more than someone who knows how to hold a camera. You need to look at their experience and the mood of their videos to ensure that everything is captured appropriately.


You only have one shot at hiring the top wedding videographers. Once the big day is over, you need to know that the film handed to you will be perfect. VE Videography has been passionately creating wedding films since 2004 – and the reviews that we have proven that we have the passion to create a film that tells your stories.


From our creative vision to our award-winning equipment, we work to be the best wedding videographers that you could ask for. It allows you to simply enjoy your wedding without wondering or worrying about whether the videographers are getting the job done.


We work silently behind the scenes to capture it all. We can even create documentaries for you, allowing everyone to say a little something. This ensures that you have a hidden treasure when you watch your wedding video for the first time. It will contain all sorts of scenes that you were not privy to during the actual event.


There are some details that help us to stand out from the other videographers in town. First and foremost, we’re a husband and wife team that will be the ones doing all of the filming. We know a thing or two about romance. Plus, we work well together to ensure that the moments are caught without drama. We’re also going to work with the photographers and any other vendors to capture everything without disrupting the flow of your event in any way.


We’ll work closely with you pre- and post- production to ensure that you get the wedding film that you want. This includes adding video, dialogue, and anything else that you might be looking for.


We’re all about the romance and emotion, so we make sure that your wedding film is romantic and emotional, too. When you’re ready to book our services, contact us to find out if your wedding date is available.