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- Man.... We don't even know what to say!!!!! We are speechless!!! Blown away! Everything was shot perfectly!! We can't even put the correct words together! We love it man. Everything was so well done. We can't say thank you enough for going above and beyond to capture that day. Brings tears to our eyes every time we watch it. 

Kyle & Kelli - Willow Creek Falls, GA

- You did such a marvelous job on our wedding video! We watch it a lot! The first time my mother watched the video, she cried. All the congratulations and advice comments from our family and friends was very exciting! I'm so happy that we invested in you filming our wedding!

Rob & Heather - Tennessee River Place, TN

- We appreciated all that you did for our 2 Disc Special Edition DVD! It looks fantastic! We will cherish it for years to come!


Duncan-Greene - Collegedale SDA Church, TN

- Thanks so much for the wonderful job on our wedding video! We love it so much!


Matthew & Tracy - Nashville Hermitage Golf Course, TN

- We have enjoyed our wedding DVD so much! It's a special Christmas momento!


Jonathan & Joy - Bowman Hills SDA Church, TN

- You did an amazing job on our wedding video! We love it!


Mark & Rebecca - Baltimore, MD

- What a great job on our wedding dvd and we'll cherish it for years to come! I'm so glad we purchased your services.


Jonathan & Brittany - Alabama Country Golf Club House

- The church we got married at had a wedding videography package that we decided to get last minute. Months later when our DVDs arrived, it was poorly constructed and very disappointing. I knew about VE Videography so I reached out and asked if anything could be done? Fortunately, there was!

The reconstruction of our wedding DVDs turned out so much more enjoyable! It would had been better to hire VE Videography services instead. Thanks for making it so much better than we had imagined!

Christopher & Shannon - Calhoun, GA

- We love our wedding DVD! Thanks a million!


Ryan & Oriona - Harrison, TN

- Even though we only got the Classic Wedding Collection it is still nice to relive the moment as it went by so fast! It turned out so lovely!


Kevin & Maighan - Signal Pointe, TN

- Having a wedding video after a long day of what goes by so fast was great to relive. Thanks for capturing all the memories!

Justin & Jackie - Chattanooga, TN

- Thanks for filming our wedding! It's nice to enjoy the lovely moments from our past!


Ben & April - Murfreesboro, TN

Real stories about wedding videography

- My sister captured a few seconds of our vows on her mobile phone. It's shaky and you can't hear well.

It's the only video I have of my vows. I'd love to have experienced them as everyone else did.

Our photos provide wonderful memories, but I wish I had a video to relive everything,

especially my dance with my father. 

My husband and I wished we had splurged on a professional videographer.

- I really considered videography for a while but I decided to abandon it.

My cousin did shoot some moments of the ceremony, and speeches at the reception – watching these, however, made me crave for pro videography. 

There were a lot of missed moments in the amateur video. 

I am grateful I had something, but really wished I had invested in video.

- Hiring a professional wedding videography to capture our eventful day of what happened so fast was totally worth it! By far the best investment of our wedding! 

- We didn't hire a videographer and deeply regret it!

After watching my cousins video of her wedding she will never have to worry about missing

the experience that lets you relive a fun and beautiful day of what just happened so fast.

- My husband and I decided to just try and film it ourselves. That was a big mistake!

People stepped in front of the camera, I guess not thinking about it.

We couldn't see nor hear anything! Too much background noise.

No ceremony, no toasts, no dances, no special moments captured.

We should have hired a professional videographer.

- When it comes to finding a good videographer you want someone whose got passion!

Thats how you will receive the best experience and best video. There are plenty who have good enough equipment but don't offer the passion. This is an investment and you have to treat it like one!

If you want something mediocre then go with someone cheap. 

But if you're wanting something amazing, go with a professional with passion!

This was one of the happiest days of our lives and we wanted to always be able to enjoy and remember

every moment with each other, family, and friends as we knew we'd forget many things.

Hiring a professional videographer to capture our wedding day was by far the best investment!

Investment Pricing

Highlight Wedding Moments

Traditional Packages offer

highlight trailers that tell your astonishing wedding story. Drone 

Starting at $2000


Premier  Packages offer elite options taking your wedding video to the next level - such as the full ceremony and reception with epic video 

and collectible Blu-ray Disc's.

Starting at $3000

Additional Features

Let the celebration begin! 

• Save-the-Date Trailer

• Rehearsal Dinner Trailer

+ so much more!

Don't just remember. Relive.

Starting at $750

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