You're cozied up in your getaway vehicle with your love, soaking up an unbelievable day that just unfolded. And you think to yourself, "I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE OUR WEDDING FILM!" It's the kind of day you'll definitely want to relive again and again.

Being able to relive such a special occasion in 20+ years you'll never have to regret wishing you could go back! Not to put any doubt in your mind that a highlight film is not a great way to relive your wedding but it's merely a fraction of your wedding day. There's nothing like sitting down to watch a movie and better yet, your own wedding movie prestigiously created! It is an invaluable heirloom that you can pass down to your children, that they'll pass down to their children, and so-on to see and experience you during one of the best days of your life in a much more real and personal way. Additionally, you will likely have your entire family together in one place! How many times in life will that happen? We're guessing not many. So hiring a wedding professional videography team to document your entire family celebrating in the season of their lives with you during your beautiful wedding to relive indefinitely is priceless! 

At VE Videography, it's our passion to produce you a cinematic film to relive your dreams come true knowing your investment in us will be paramount in return! With two options of either an online streaming journalistic wedding movie or a Collectors Edition Blu-ray Disc Set with a navigational menu, this is an experience unlike anything you might have not thought possible. Plus, get a framed wedding movie poster that captures the essence of your wedding and a USB keepsake box set with your last name, wedding date, and venue engraved on the front cover perfect for preserving your films, vow letters, jewelry, and other small wedding memorabilia! Furthermore, our items arrive to you in a professional manner. So when the time comes, order a pizza, pop some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch, and make an event of it with your family & friends to relive your stunning wedding as this is one movie you’ll never stop reliving for generations!

Hear the stories from brides that hired us to create them a cinematic film to relive!

We are speechless! Blown away! 

VE Videography was the

best wedding investment!

- Bonifacious Wedding

Receive a Wedding Movie Poster with our Wedding Collections.

 Get a Special Edition Blu-ray Disc Set & USB Keepsake Box Set for your Movie Collection

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A cinematic film experience we guarantee you'll love to have!

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Reliving your love story as a cinematic film is truly a priceless keepsake that we guarantee you won’t regret. It is everything and your “years-in-the-planning” wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life, so relive it to the fullest!

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