At VE Videography,

it's our passion to provide you the utmost care of service from the start and beyond!

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Your wedding is going to be stunning, inspiring others during an emotional time setting where tears of joy

will be flowing, possibly the champagne bubbling, heart-warming toasts with cherished laughter,

and don’t forget everyone’s amazing dance moves in celebration of your significant love defining moments

that you’ll definitely want to relive! The remarkable impact of your wedding film now & in 20+ years is priceless. 


Whether you’ve got your heart desires for a highlight film or wanting to relive everything

as a movie experience, it’s our passion to create you a film that you will never stop reliving! 


Preserve your cherished memories with our exceptional luxurious keepsakes.

 A beautifully handmade USB Keepsake Box Set perfect for storing your films, jewelry, love letters, and other wedding items. Furthermore, our Special Edition Blu-ray Movie Sets allow you to relive your wedding movie in the comfort of your home. Plus, a framed movie poster that captures the essence of your wedding. With a starting price at $1500, know your investment in us will be paramount in return!


This is your time. Don’t just remember. Relive!

We are speechless! Blown away! 

VE Videography was the

best wedding investment!

- Bonifacious Wedding



There's nothing like sitting down to watch a movie. Better yet, your own wedding movie!

With our movie collection packages, the whole family will never stop reliving your stunning wedding for generations to come.

Wedding Movie Posters

Special Edition Blu-ray & USB Keepsakes

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I'm sure your wedding means the world to you and your family. This is why it's important that we connect because it means everything to us as well! It's our passion to provide you the utmost care of service with a prestigious cinematic experience. Don't just remember. Relive!

Servicing: Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, North Georgia, and other destinations per request.


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