Engagement Photos

Remembering Your Engagement with Engagement Photography

There are some incredible moments that occur at all of life’s special occasions. For example, your engagement. Engagement photos are a great way to have nice, professional photos taken before your big day and it presents the opportunity to capture the sense of excitement and joy that you and your fiance share before you marry each other. In addition, engagement photos are great to use for your wedding invitations. That is why so many people turn to VE Videography for engagement photography in Chattanooga.

With engagement photography from VE Videography, you have the ability to capture this memorable event – and that’s what we’re here for. As a husband and wife team, we use state-of-the-art equipment and a lot of creativity to create engagement photos that you will cherish forever.

We work closely with you to ensure your engagement photos tell the kind of story you want to tell through every detail and angle. With our engagement photography, we assure you,  we will be able to create images that are captured in an intriguing and memorable way.

We can even use drones in order to create a unique angle on some occasions, too. Particularly if you are having your engagement photography shoot outdoors. This can provide a new angle that is positively breathtaking. Should you want to see what we’ve been able to create with drones, let us know you want to see more of our portfolio.

There’s no reason for you to skip out on a special occasion, such as your engagement. We work throughout Chattanooga and the rest of Tennessee – and our reviews tell you everything you need to know about our level of expertise and the experience that we are able to deliver through our videos.


Learn more about our services and find out if we’re available for your date by contacting us today.

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