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Documentary wedding videography is a unique and memorable way to experience your special day with fondness and nostalgia. Included: a beautiful cinematic teaser film, the ceremony, reception, and those priceless details that make your day flawless. Everything from your getting ready moments to the bridal party fun, first touches/looks, epic bridal portraits, your first dance as husband and wife, speeches, cake cutting, dance party, etc. Our expertise in documentary-style wedding videography creates a cinematic experience to relive one of the best days of your life as if it were a movie and be a favorite family heirloom for generations to come!

The Farm Rome GA

Documentary-style wedding videography is a film production of detail, and we have multiple packages to document it highly professionally. We pay careful attention to lighting, audio quality, angles, and other technical aspects, which helps ensure that every moment is captured perfectly. We also use modern editing techniques such as color grading, overlays and filters, transitions, music selection, and timing adjustments to give you an unbeatable viewing experience with an emotional impact like no other.

At VE Videography, we want you to be able to relive the feeling of being surrounded by love on your perfect day with an exceptional luxury cinematic wedding videography service. Our creative team will be there for you every step of the way, working diligently behind the scenes so that nothing gets missed or forgotten in creating an unforgettable film full of tenderness and emotion that will make you cry tears of joy and be a favorite family film for generations!

Hear a video testimony from a real bride about the love of her wedding movie and our services. Includes their epic dance party film!




VE Videography Wedding Cinematography

A beautifully designed online menu presentation for your Smart T.V. or Home Theater.

VE Videography Wedding Cinematography

We simplify your film presentation to be relived on any device.

VE Videography Wedding Cinematography

A download option is available to backup your beautiful films.

The Apple Barn at Howe Farms

Would you love to relive your wedding as a documentary-style wedding movie?

Contact us today, and let's connect about your dream wedding!


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