We know you will have creative ideas and requests so we offer the opportunities

for your wedding video investment experience to be a dream come true!

Feel free to add any service to the already available packages created on our Wedding Investments page.

One camera coverage is included with any selected choice.

Having that 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., camera to capture your wedding ceremony is all the more luring! 

• Additional HD Camera Coverage - $400 per camera

• Additional 4K Camera Coverage - $600 per camera

Aerial/Drone Videography

Always shot in 4K - $300/hr or $500/2 hrs

- Landscape of Venue and it's surroundings

- Some Ceremony footage: Upon Special Request

The Details - Starting @ $700

   The details of your wedding mixed with memories from the ceremony and reception presented as a Teaser and/or a Trailer Highlight truly express how extraordinary your wedding was.

• 2 to 3 hour film shoot of your venue

- Reception Hall if on location

- Pre-Ceremony Landscape

- Indoor/Outdoor landscape

Extra Details:

• Pre-Ceremony/First Look - $100

• Pre-Ceremony/Film Shoot - $250

• Post-Ceremony/Film Shoot - $250

• Post-Ceremony/First Look - $100

Getting Ready - Starting @ $600

    A very exciting video is when we watch our favorite movie stars get all dressed up for an important role.

This time its your turn and your preparations!

• 2 Hour Film Shoot (exceed time increases price)

• Salon Travel is $2/mile

A Movie-Inspired Save-the-Date/Wedding Invitation - Starting @ $1000

Lets create a save-the-date video off of your favorite movie style for a totally personalized look or just

something simple to present to family, friends, and post on your wedding website.

(Ariel Videography included - location pending) 

Rehearsal Dinner Celebration - Starting @ $1000

A lot of focus goes mainly to the wedding day itself but do not think there won't be early celebrations as the joining and reuniting of family and friends will want to celebrate early with a rehearsal dinner celebration. This is a great place to enjoy and capture intimately the company of close connections between family and friends for all their love, support, hard work, etc... 

A Proposal Video - Starting $1000

Face it: You're not going to remember all of what either said during your proposal.

That's why hiring a professional to capture what great lengths you went at to create the perfect way to ask

will mean so much as a great memento. 

We can even capture the moment from above!

(Ariel Videography included - location pending) 

Growing Up - Starting @ $500

    Create a documentary short film of your life growing up and the success of whom you've grown to be with loving support of your guardian(s) and now how the love of your life will make you complete. 

- Combine with "Love Story" documentary and get a $250 discount on both!

    (more details during consultation) 


Love Story - Starting @ $500

Always a good investment for future special occasions. Preserve your love story -- in your own words.

How you met, the proposal, or simply the excitement you feel as your wedding day draws closer.

Everyone loves hearing a story about true love, especially yours!

Slide Show - Starting @ $250

A popular technique requested by couples.

Photographs of any memories and era with special effects and wonderful music

to emphasize on the couple in such a manner that is awe-inspiring and eye captivating.

• The Honeymooners - Starting @ $500
     A documentary of your honeymoon is a super special way to share the details of your adventure with family and friends as they'll want to 
hear about it and can now watch it! 


For Your Eyes Only: Bachelor or Bachelorette Party! - $200/hr.

    Ever wanted to be able to watch or re-experience what you did during your Batchelor/Bachelorette party? 

Why not make it a special feature on your wedding Blue-Ray Disc for your eyes only presentation.

It is a lot of fun to watch and revisit the memories from what the maid/matron of honor and best man

planned for your parties.

The Perfect Wedding DVD & USB Set!

With each wedding package chosen you'll get a custom created Blue Ray Disc Set or both Blue Ray Disc Set/USB Drive to enjoy for a lifetime! The Blue Ray Disc will have a memorable printed detail from your wedding and will be interactive with your chosen wedding package. The USB will be labeled outside with your names, a title, and VE Videography logo and each video is labeled on the drive. Purchasing extra Blue Ray Disc Sets & USB Sets make great gifts for family, friends, and those who couldn't attend your wedding day.

- S.E. Blu-ray Disc + Keepsake Box USB Drive Set: $100

- S.E. Blu-ray Disc: $35

- Blu-ray Disc: $25 

Travel & Lodging

    Travel - $2/mile after 60 miles from Chattanooga, TN location. 

    Lodging - $300/night if needing to spend the night, location is 80 minutes away, or if location is over 75 miles from Chattanooga, TN.

Lodging rates also apply if special requested reasons kept production team onsite till late hours.

Payment Methods

A 2.6% per payment fee is applied to any credit/debit card used. Money orders, checks, and/or cash is acceptable and preferable as it will exclude the 2.6% added to grand total saving you money.

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