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We're the Ipes and owners of VE Videography, a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based videography business focused on excellent customer service, capturing cinematic videos of love stories, and offering many other film production services for an exceptional experience! Our expertise fits many genres of videography and cinematography services crafted with passion, skill, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure each film is a stunning success in 4K-UHD clarity. Plus, we provide drone videography when needed for those breathtaking aerial shots. But before I talk about where we are now, let me educate you about the journey.

My name is Tom Ipes IV, professionally known as Ipes, and I've been filming since high school in the early 2000s. I've been a movie lover my whole life, and I love producing, directing, and creating films of many genres. While in high school, I created many videos with friends and some for school projects that even my teachers told me they thought I'd make great films one day as a business. While in college, I created a documentary film about a famous music composer named William Wagner. My teacher was so impressed that she requested a copy to share with her other classes, and she still uses the film. 

After school, I pursued film work as an entrepreneur and gained experience filming music videos, corporate videos, sporting events, and so much more! However, weddings I had not yet been involved with it until my late father mentioned that wedding videography would probably be a great genre to get into. So, in 2006, several friends were getting married and hired me to film their weddings. It was a blast, and instantly I was hooked! For many years after, my progression of wedding videography focused on specializing in documentary-style wedding videography, AKA wedding cinematography.

In 2010, I was hired as a short film editor to work on a docu-series project filmed in Bangladesh and India that would be previewed on networking stations throughout the United States and other countries. My talents as a film editor and videographer, I have worked on many video productions for several different networks. However, my passion for wedding videography has kept most of my attention.

Eventually, I got married, YEAH BABY, in 2015, and my wife, a successful software engineer, also loves telling beautiful stories as a writer and videographer. Two techies working together make an awesome adventure! Our wedding themes were the movie TRON: LEGACY with beautiful infinity lighting, movie score music, a Hawaiian reception with Thai food (the best), and cupcakes for dessert. The Best Wedding Ever!

Ipes Wedding at Stratton Hall
Ipes Wedding at Stratton Hall
Ipes Wedding at Stratton Hall
Ipes Wedding at Stratton Hall
Ipes Wedding Rings
Ipes Wedding at Stratton Hall
Ipes Wedding at Stratton Hall
VE Videography at The Church On Main
Mike Wedding
VE Videography Drone Videography
VE Videography
Ipes Hike
Ipes Hawaiian Honeymoon
Ipes Hawaiian Honeymoon

After years of experience specializing in wedding cinematography, in the Fall of 2017, we filmed a beautiful wedding in Blue Ridge, Georgia, that catapulted the start of our business in 2018 into a full-time service. VE Videography - Don't Just Remember. Relive!

Please take some time to look through our website, as it has been created for you with detailed information about our services, customer reviews, testimonies, and the beautiful films we’ve had the honor to create.

We look forward to connecting with you about wedding videography or other film production services needed!


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