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As a passionate filmmaker since 2002, it has been a thrilling adventure to grow in my travels all over the United States and work with other professionals from around the world. Hi, my name is Ipes and I love telling stories through the lens of filmmaking.

Founded in 2018, VE specializes in inspiring cinematic films and essential memories to relive for anyone who cherishes such passions. 



It's essential to us that we provide services with the best equipment and techniques that will produce high-quality films capturing the beauty of your desires flawlessly.




What does it mean to be a professional? By definition: it's a profession specified with the efficient skills to providing a high-quality product, service, or both.

When investing in a film for your wedding, business, or whatever it is you desire, we're sure you'll most likely be searching for something amazing! As professionals, we make investments in ourselves as well to better provide our clients with the experience deserved of exceptional service. Great investments = high-quality = a great film. Obviously, we cannot speak for everyone but at VE Videography, high-quality is exactly what you'll get and it's our passion to make sure you know your investment was worth it!


What is it you truly desire? At VE Videography, we desire to offer an exceptional experience with both service and film. The opportunity to create something amazing, whether it's a beautiful story of a couple or a promotional film that helps a business beyond their wildest dreams! Knowing that our creations were able to provide a film that'll inspire and live on for generations - that's what we call passionate filmmaking.

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