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VE Videography Founders
Founders of VE Videography

We are the Ipes', the proud founders of VE Videography, LLC - A video production company in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Our brand provides a luxury customer service experience and specializes in capturing cinematic videos of love stories around the United States, AKA destination wedding videography. While our specialty is capturing weddings, we also excel in a diverse range of professional videography and photography services, from promotional films to music videos and real estate showcases. Our wedding photography 'stills' also provide a visually enriching portrayal of your dream wedding day. Our commitment is to deliver an unparalleled experience with films that resonate in pristine 4K-UHD quality and higher, as well as candid cinematic photography, blending passion with precision. And for those panoramic views, our drone videography photography stands ready to elevate your memories.

Water Tower Fall Wedding Drone Photography

So, what exactly does a "cinematic luxury experience" mean? It's an experience in customer service that transcends the standard expectations of good service to deliver an exceptional, memorable encounter that prioritizes the customer’s comfort, convenience, and satisfaction in a refined and personalized manner.

Our approach is to blend technical skill of creative flair with a luxury experience to deliver not just a video, but a cinematic experience that resonates with emotion and purpose. Whether it's a beautiful wedding celebration or a business brand, we ensure that every shot is more than a mere recording—it's a crafted piece of cinematic artistry at its finest.

At VE Videography, we're committed to making these philosophies a reality.


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Hi, I'm Tom Ipes IV, but most people know me professionally as Ipes. My love for filming started in high school during the early 2000s. Movies have always been my passion, and I truly enjoy the intricacies of producing, directing, and bringing various film genres to life. Throughout high school, I crafted numerous videos, from fun projects with friends to more formal school assignments. Many of my teachers saw potential in my work, often remarking that they envisioned me running a successful film business in the future. In college, I took on an ambitious project - a documentary about the renowned music composer, William Wagner. My professor was so taken with the final piece that she not only wanted a copy for herself but also continues to showcase it to her classes to this day.

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Following my education, I ventured into the entrepreneurial world of filmmaking. My portfolio expanded with music videos, corporate productions, and even sporting events. Yet, weddings remained an uncharted territory until my late father hinted at the potential in wedding videography. Heeding his advice in 2006, I filmed weddings for a few friends tying the knot. The experience was exhilarating, and I found my passion. From then on, my journey in wedding videography took a dedicated turn towards the art of documentary-style wedding videography, commonly known as wedding cinematography.